Jessica Gersh


Jessica Gersh, co-chair of the Whitney Art Party auction on May 1st, also co-chairs the Whitney Museum Contemporaries patron executive committee and is an educator through the Knowledge is Power Program.

How did you first get interested in contemporary art?

My whole family loved art and I studied Art History in college. After that my interest for contemporary art became a passion. I’ll never forget visiting the Whitney and seeing a massive Tomaselli piece that intrigued me.


Jessica Gersh's Christopher Wool piece

Tell us about an artwork you live with.

The first piece of art I purchased on my own is a great little collage by Wardell Milan. I bought it at the 2010 Whitney Art Party and I have enjoyed living with it. I also own work by Christopher Wool.

An upcoming exhibition or gallery show you’re excited to see?

I can’t wait for Orly Genger’s installation in Madison Square Park opening next week. The Whitney Contemporaries visited her studio a few months ago for a sneak peek and it looked amazing. I can only imagine how powerful it will be once it’s installed.

An art book everyone should check out?

I love Ed Ruscha’s books from the 60s.

Artist quote or words to live by?

“It is especially in times like these that we look to the spiritual. In art we find it.” – Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney

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