Edsel Williams


Edsel's reflection in a work by Anish Kapoor.

Edsel Williams owns and directs The Fireplace Project in East Hampton.

How did you first get into contemporary art?
I came to New York because I was a dancer. I met many artists early, mostly through dance. Forever ago I owned a dance and exercise studio. I started putting art up on the walls there, and people started buying it. There were other factors, twists and turns. But that is the nutshell story.

Can you tell us about an artwork you live with at home?
Impossible! My house is full of art. I can not single out one specifically.


Josephine Meckseper at The Fireplace Project

Currently you have an exhibition, “Reverse Engineering“, featuring work by three female artists including Josephine Meckseper. What’s next?
The next show is The Still House Group. They’re an emerging arts organization in Brooklyn. The show will feature works by Isaac Brest, Nick Darmstaedter, Louis Eisner, Jack Greer, Alex Ito, Brendan Lynch, Dylan Lynch, Alex Perweiler, and Zachary Susskind. The strong emphasis on collaboration encourages members of the group to assist, critique and formally represent one another, ultimately creating a collective drive that balances the advancement of individual careers and the growth of Still House.

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