Mark Flood


We spoke to the artist about his friendship with Cole Mohr and his new exhibition space, [MARK FLOOD RESENTS].

How did you first meet Cole?

When I met Cole he was working the counter at Amy’s Ice Cream in Houston. He was art-obsessed. Then he went away to NYC to be a model, so I assumed he was dead. Then I ran into him at a Cold Ones concert at Santos Party Room.


Do you own any of his work? It seems like Texan artists are having a moment right now.

I own about a dozen great Cole Mohr paintings.

ColeMohrCole Mohr

What are you up to this summer?

I’m opening my own gallery [MARK FLOOD RESENTS] in July, next door to Zach Feuer, to show off my art collection. It will have Cole Mohr paintings in it. Cole Mohr in person may be there too. That’s what I’m doing this summer…


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