Joel Mesler


Joel with his son, Lev. Courtesy Siobhan Bradley.

Joel Mesler runs Untitled in New York City and co-owns Retrospective Gallery in Hudson, NY with Zach Feuer.

How did you meet Matthew Chambers?

Matt and I met while he was working at the Art Center Library in Los Angeles, through a mutual friend Dr. Von Schlegel. I fell in love with him immediately. He began helping me write a script about my childhood called ‘Mesler vs. Mesler’. The movie has not yet been made, as we are obviously still looking for backing.  I first showed Matthew in a four person group show at my previous gallery, Rental.


Installation view of An Activity So Pure at gallery Rental

What was the first artwork you purchased?

A piece by Eric Wesley.

What artists are you personally collecting at the moment?

I collect the artists I work with in depth as well as Käthe Kollwitz.


Matthew Chambers flocking pieces at Hezi Cohen Gallery

There is a sense of humor and lightness to Retrospective Gallery, shown in the recent Jesse Stecklow press release and even the design of the gallery’s website. Is this a goal for the space?

I think of Retrospective as a space where artists can step outside the pretense of an exhibition in the city. As such, the gallery fosters a level of experimentation not as likely in the city.


Installation view of Matthew Chambers at Untitled

After nine months of exhibitions at Retrospective Gallery, what has changed?

The commute has gotten longer. We just opened show with Jessie Stecklow and a show curated by Lauren Christiansen titled “My Chemical Romance“. It will include new works by Mikkel Carl, Eric Davis, Rachael Milton, and Santiago Taccetti.  Eric Davis, for example, makes what he calls “durational” paintings,  whose surface is altered over time. We also have upcoming solos shows by Haley Mellin and Jean-Baptiste Bernadet.

Does Lev have any art?

Lev is a work of art.

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