Tom Weinrich


Tom Weinrich is the founder of Interstate in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Interstate is a staple of the Bushwick art community. How has it evolved since it first opened?

The central idea behind Interstate from the beginning has been to connect artists and curators who are doing exciting new work around the country and internationally, and give them the freedom, space, and support to produce ambitious shows without the pressures of the market. When the gallery moved from the 56 Bogart building to our current location at 66 Knickerbocker, our programming was able to expand greatly with the massive increase in space. In addition to that, last year I was joined by Jamie Sterns, who has brought in an incredible energy and an astute eye for emerging artists.


Melissa Sachs and Cameron Soren at Insterstate

Tell us about “Beyond the Pale”, which opens at Interstate in October. When did you first see B. Thom Stevenson’s work?

Beyond the Pale is a group exhibition curated by artist Sam McKinniss. Sam was actually who introduced me to B. Thom Stevenson’s work, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what works of his will be included in the show.


Rachel de Joode at Interstate

You’ve worked with guest curators before. Can you tell us about the U.L.O. project at Interstate this past summer?

U:L:O is our annual six week long summer program where we invite six curators or spaces to organize shows for one of the unique spaces of the gallery : upper, lower, and outside. The aim of the program is to create a dialogue of what is happening “now” in various art groups and art production centers around the country.


U:L:O: Part II: Inside Out, curated by Ben Gocker

Which artists are you watching right now? Who should we be looking out for?

I’m really interested in the austere pseudo-historical work that Jason Metcalf is making out in LA. Body by Body and Sara Magenheimer are making great work here in NY, so is Michael Hilsman (who has a stellar two person show up right now at a new space in Williamsburg called Moiety). I also always keep an eye on what Jonathan Hartshorn is doing out in Albuquerque.


Jeff Baji at Interstate

Any other exciting projects coming up?

We’ve got a really strong schedule for the fall and winter, with solo shows by Daniel Leyva, Oskar Nilsson, Nick DeMarco, and Sara Magenheimer, and group shows organized by Sam McKinniss and Seung Min Lee.

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