Alberto Chehebar


Alberto Chehebar works in the textile distribution business and has been collecting art for over 25 years. Originally from Bogotá, Columbia, he recently moved to LA to explore the art scene.

How were you first introduced to Eddie Martinez’s work?

We had a studio visit, and it was love at first sight!


Pieces by Sam Moyer, Kyle Thurman, and Lucien Smith.

What was the first piece of art you purchased and why?

My first piece was a Keith Haring in 1989. I was studying in NYC and was exposed to his work all over the city. He was a huge influence and a true master. It’s still probably one the most important works in the collection.


A painting by KAWS.

What other artists are you collecting (or seeking to collect?)

I collect anything that moves me, from Cindy Sherman to KAWS, George Condo, and Jonas Wood. The spectrum has no limits. Recently it’s been women; Lucy Dodd and Petra Cortright, amongst others.


Chehebar's collection.

How do you keep up with current trends in contemporary art?

I do lots of studio visits and travel to fairs all over. Both are key. I love seeing the work in the studio and then seeing how it speaks in context to other work at fairs and galleries.


Pieces by Cory Arcangel and Robert Indiana.

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