Ethan Suplee


Ethan Suplee is an actor best known for his work in American History X, Blow, and Cold Mountain, among many other film and television roles. He is an avid art collector based in New York and Los Angeles.

How did you first become interested in contemporary art?

I’ve always been drawn to the idea that artists change the way we see the world. I’ve also had an affinity for history for as long as I can recall. It’s been the last ten or so years that I focused on work that’s being made now.


A piece by Kon Trubkovich.

When did you start collecting? Do you remember the first piece you bought?

I have works that I acquired back in the mid ’90s, but my clearest memories of purchasing art with the intention of collecting are from the early 2000s,¬†when I bought work by JP Munro and Rob Thom from China Art Objects.


From Kika Karadi's OPM series.

When were you first introduced to Kika Karadi? What drew you to her work?
A friend named Mike Densen told me to check her out about a year ago. I was immediately taken with her haunting style.


Jeff Elrod

How do you stay engaged in what’s going on in the art world?

I try to go to as many openings and fairs as possible. In LA, I like OhWow, Steve Turner Contemporary, Roberts and Tilton, Anat Ebgi, Cherry and Martin, Night Gallery… There are a lot more galleries in NYC, too many to list. I read Art Forum and like Art Observed, I really enjoy Adam Lindemann’s op-ed pieces.


Isabel Yellin.

Who are you collecting right now? Which new artists should we look out for?

Right now I’m really excited by Torey Thornton, Ross Iannatti and Isabel Yellin.

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