Joshua Leonard

Joshua Leonard is a Los Angeles based actor and filmmaker whose projects include “The Blair Witch Project,” “Beautiful Losers,” “Humpday,” “Higher Ground,” and, most recently, was both director of and actor in “The Lie,” an adaptation of the T.C. Boyle story. “The Lie” opened this weekend at The Village East Cinemas in New York City.

How did you first get interested in contemporary art?

My folks were creative, so there was always stuff to look at when I was a kid. But it wasn’t until I moved out to LA in my early 20s and made friends who were already collecting that it became a larger part of my life. Galleries like New Image in LA and The Luggage Store in SF were showing artists from our peer group. The familiar context and lack of pretention were really inspiring to me.

A piece or two that you live with?

The two pieces I come back to the most are a Leigh Ledare photograph of a prostitute curled up on her child’s bed and this Dan Attoe painting of a woman crossing an empty street in an empty town. Both break my heart in just the right way.

What shows are you looking forward to?

I’ve had my head in the sand making this movie for the past year and a half. It’s pathetic how out of the loop I am. I hear Raymond Pettibon’s show at Regen Projects is great. I look forward to seeing that when I get back to LA.

Artist quote or words to live by?

“Art offers the possibility of love with strangers.”  -Walter Hopps

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