Kon Trubkovich


Photo Credit: Jesse Frohman

Featured on Exhibition A

Alexandra Dreaming

Kon Trubkovich was born in Moscow, Russia in 1979. His videos, paintings, and works on paper often deal with the technological transfer of information, and the lines, blips, and anomalies that occur from disruption, interference, and distortion. Trubkovich’s print with Exhibition A, “Alexandra Dreaming,” is a drawing of a paused video of his wife. Marianne Boesky presented his solo show, Snow, in February 2014 and in May he was included in a three person show with Wallace Berman and Tony Lewis at the Eldridge Street Synagogue, curated by Joel Mesler of UNTITLED gallery. The first monograph on his oeuvre, published by Osmos, surveys his career in color reproductions and in-depth critical discussion, traversing the period from his first museum exhibition in 2006 to the present day. Look out for his upcoming solo show at OHWOW in Los Angeles in early 2015.

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