Charles Lutz

Featured Works on Exhibition A

Focusing on the transference of values and transmutation, Charles Lutz is most often recognized for his “Warhol Denied” series created in 2006, which explored how works could function both conceptually and as a form of currency in a capitalistic and exploitative society. His piece in the 2013 Armory Show, Babel–a tower constructed of 1500 replicas of a forged Warhol Brillo Boxes that were then given freely to the public–caused quite a controversy, as have his other projects that deal directly with concepts of originality in the visual arts. Lutz has exhibited at several galleries and museums, including C24 Gallery, PEP Gallery, Hionas Gallery, Five Myles Gallery, and The Andy Warhol Museum. He was born in Pittsburgh, PA in 1982, and graduated from Pratt Institute in 2004 with a BFA in Painting and Art History. The artist lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

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