Peter Dayton

Featured works on Exhibition A

"Untitled (Daffodils)"

We were first introduced to Peter Dayton’s artwork by the late John McWhinnie, a rare book/art dealer who always had the most extraordinary taste. Last summer, Peter was part of two interesting installations in East Hampton. He painted a decommissioned fighter jet nose cone for the group show “Nose Job,” along with Richard Prince, Dan Colen and Aaron Young. Currently the next phase of this project is on view in Tucson, AZ until May 2012 where many of the same artists re-imagined WWII aircraft as canvas at The Pima Air and Space Museum. Lesser known is Peter’s performative work like rock n roll therapy, a hilarious interactive piece in which ‘patients” are analyzed based on their personal history with music. In the 1970s, Peter was a founding member of the legendary punk band La Peste. His work has been exhibited at Salon 94 in New York, The Baldwin Gallery in Aspen, and The Parrish Art Museum in Southampton where he is part of their permanent collection.

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