Cynthia Daignault

Avaliable on Exhibition A

For her breathtaking debut at White Columns, Cynthia created a new series of pictures that gave us a totally different perspective on the term site specific. Daignault will hang a painting of a slide projector on one wall of the gallery and then directly across from it place another painting of the image she imagines it should be illuminating. Part of this same exhibition — which later became its own stand-alone show at Lisa Cooley — were her CCTV paintings. Essentially, she paints the screen of a closed circuit television and all its associative hardware, but makes the scene it’s capturing specific to the view from which it’s alleged to be monitoring. Her representational practice really needs to be seen in person to fully appreciate, however a catalogue of her TV paintings is due out any day now.  As well as having her own rich practice, Cynthia has also worked as an assistant to many major contemporary artists including Sean Landers, Josephine Meckseper and Kara Walker.

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