Peter Regli snowmen outside Madison Square Park

a Louis Eisner painting at Untitled Gallery

Alex Katz billboard across from new Whitney Museum

Chris Martin in group show at Gavin Brown’s

Lisa Kim at Lisa Cooley

Michael Williams at Gallery Met

Sofia Leiby at Nicelle Beauchene

Josh Smith paintings at MoMA

The Ninth White Columns Annual

Zachary Leener In Wyatt Kahn curated show at Rachel Uffner

Leonhard Hurzlemeier at Rachel Uffner

Peter Eide room at James Fuentes

Amalia Ulman at James Fuentes

Jess Fuller at Martos Gallery

David Benjamin Sherry in group show at Jack Hanley

Genieve Figgis in a group show at Invisible Exports

Grear Patterson show at Marlborough Broome Street

Tyson Reeder paintings at Canada

Rascal House at Half Gallery open through February 4th

Delacroix’s “Greece on the ruins…” at LACMA

Nevine Mahmoud at Overduin and Co in LA

Calder mobiles outside LACMA

Pierre Huyghe at LACMA

Sturtevant billboard outside Gavin Brown’s enterprise

Anselm Kiefer paintings and a Georg Baselitz sculpture at The Bass Museum of Art